Camille de Niese

Bachelor of Arts Degree
Dip.H.Sc. in Remedial Therapy
Dip of Kinesiology
Dip. Anatomy, Physiology & Massage [London] ITEC Dip Massage [London] AAMT, ANTA, AKA (associate member)

TUESDAY 10am – 7pm
WEDNESDAY 2pm – 7pm
THURSDAY 10am – 7pm

Camille has a background in dance (ballet, contemporary & African dance) and sport (netball) and understands the difficulty in overcoming injuries while still being able to keep up with ones physical and lifestyle pursuits. It is this background and her own struggles with injury that lead to Camille becoming a physical therapist.

Camille de Niese has been working in the field of manual therapy for 13 years and has attained qualifications and skills in remedial therapy, massage, kinesiology, manual lymphatic drainage, cupping, neurostructural integration, reiki and pilates instruction.

Having worked primarily in the structural field of therapy Camille has seen first hand the extent to which our emotions and stress levels impact on us physically causing pain, stiffness and ill health. Often a purely physical approach to treatment is limited and achieving a full and lasting recovery is prolonged due to not fully resolving the primary cause of ill health. This realisation resulted in Camille undertaking further study in Kinesiology which looks at our emotional, energetic, spiritual and physical health.

Remedial Kinesiology is Camille’s combination of remedial therapy and kinesiology to provide the client with a treatment that deals with the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual blocks to good health and well being. Through the use of kinesiology Camille is able to determine the priority issue to be dealt with in any given session and works toward restoring balance on all levels.

Camille offers a variety of single therapy treatments including deep tissue massage, remedial therapy, lymphatic drainage and kinesiology as well as remedial kinesiology which provides a truly holistic treatment plan for those clients seeking to work towards resolving more long standing physical and emotional negative patterns, by incorporating a variety of therapies, treatment techniques and rehab exercises to resolve dysfunction at the root cause not just treat the symptoms.